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What they do for you
Talk-To-A-Doc - 24/7 at no cost                  
My Advocate - Fix bills, find Dr's +
Scan Saver - Save up to 75%
Smart Pharmacy - Save up to 85%
Price Shopper - Find you the best price

The Services:
24/7 at no cost         
Fix bills, find Docs, & More
Save up to 75%
Save up to 85%
Find you the best price
Live, expert help for almost any healthcare concern.

Average Savings: 
Average Savings
Talk-To-A- Doc - $150 per use
$150 per use
My Advocate - Hours of your life
Hours of your life
Scan Saver - $650 per use
$650 per use
Smart Pharmacy - $276 per person/year
$276 per person/year
Price Shopper - $1,476 per use
$1,476 per use
The live help you need for any healthcare concern.
For less than $30/month!
For your whole family!
Members can save thousands of dollars a year!

Caroline had a painful bone spur to be removed from her elbow. A counselor compared in-network costs and saved Caroline $900 on the outpatient procedure. Caroline won. The spur lost.
Ken’s allergy medicine costs $170/month. He was able to get it for $40, saving $130/month! Which is nothing to sneeze at.
Donna used MedCierge to talk with a doctor about her sick child at 3 AM. The 
doctor advised her and even sent a prescription to her local pharmacy, so it was there first thing in the morning. 
The cost? Zip, zilch, nada. She got the care needed without a costly Emergency Room or Urgent Care visit. And without getting out of her house – 
or her pajamas.
Natalie was drowning in medical bills and claims paperwork. An advocate figured it all out for her, saving Natalie time, stress and her plans for her day off.
Ron needed an MRI after a bicycle accident. The hospital wanted $2,500 but a counselor found him one for $800, keeping a bad day from being worse.

Why MedCierge


Have good health insurance? Have high deductible health insurance? Don't have any health insurance? Whether you are insured, under-insured or uninsured MedCierge's experts will help you spend less for the care you need.


Do you feel like you're drowning under healthcare bills? Most people do. That's because costs can vary by 2,000% between providers for the same care in the same network! Wouldn't you prefer to save money on Care, MRIs, Prescriptions, and More?


Hate dealing with the insurance company? Are they speaking a different language? Did you know up to 80% of medical bills are wrong? Nowadays we can all use some help navigating the healthcare system to save time and money.


What if people could solve the confusion and high costs for you? What if they could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars and countless hours of frustration? What if they could do that for your whole family for less than your family's Netflix subscription?


This is a digital solution but you speak to real people. We're not offering a DIY rabbit hole. You just tap on a service, talk to your expert, and let them take the lead. They give you an answer or get back to you and explain the solution to you.


Our App is unique and first to market, bundling all that you need into a seamless experience. This is the first time that consumers can enjoy the same high level healthcare services as top corporate executives. All in one easy to use App. 

Subscription is just $15/month.
Including all dependents at no additional cost!
Only $12/month when paid annually.
Monthly subscription
Paid monthly. 

Annual subscription
Monthly equivalent. Billed annually. 


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“I just tapped Scan Saver and spoke with a counselor who saved me over $2,000
on an MRI!” 
Sue F. 
“A great product/service that many companies and their employees can use.” 
Greg M. 

“I think everyone should have this cost saving app.” 
Longleaf Packaging LLC

“Simple and effective- wish everything was this easy.”
Business Consulting Services

“Love this app! Saves our clients money and time. Helps us with time and efficiency. Very cost effective and easy to use!” 
Jefferson Insurance Group

“Ironically, the health care system isn’t always set up to help the patient at the time they need help the most. MedCierge makes navigating every part of the system easier, less confusing, and certainly less stressful. It’s amazing to feel like someone is finally on my side!” 

“We had an employee who didn’t even pay a co-pay all last year because she started with MedCierge for all her non-emergency healthcare.”
Client HR 

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