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MedCierge makes healthcare easy. Let the pro's do the work.
Just Tap, Talk, and Save
“I just tapped Scan Saver and spoke with a counselor who saved me over $2,000
on an MRI!” 
Sue F. 
“A great product/service that many companies and their employees can use.” 
Greg M. 

“I think everyone should have this cost saving app.” 
Longleaf Packaging LLC

“Simple and effective - wish everything was this easy.”
Business Consulting Services

“Love this app! Saves our clients money and time. Helps us with time and efficiency. Very cost effective and easy to use!” 
Jefferson Insurance Group

“Ironically, the health care system isn’t always set up to help the patient at the time they need help the most. MedCierge makes navigating every part of the system easier, less confusing, and certainly less stressful. It’s amazing to feel like someone is finally on my side!” 

“We had an employee who didn’t even pay a co-pay all last year because she started with MedCierge for all her non-emergency healthcare.”
Client HR 

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